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As a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO), VANA is your guarantor that you live up to the obligations of the producer responsibility - legally, financially and practically.

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VANA was founded by the business community

The 4 largest industry organisations in Denmark anchor VANA broadly among the approximately 42,000 companies that are affected by the producer responsibility for packaging.

  • Dansk Industri
  • Landbrug og Fødevarer
  • Dansk Erhverv
  • DagSam
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We are your guarantor that your company meets the obligations in the producer responsibility for packaging.

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Prepare your company for the producer responsibility - VANA helps you reach your goal

The producer responsibility for packaging will come into effect in 2025, and although all the details for the Danish model are not yet in place, your company can already start the initial preparations.

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Get inspiration for the design of your packaging

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is about familiarising yourself with the possibilities for optimising the packaging design in relation to your particular products, industry and market.

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