Producer responsibility on other products

The producer responsibility also covers other areas than packaging, including disposable packaging and electronics. VANA works to be able to lift all producer responsibility areas for our members either directly or via cooperation agreements with other PROs (Producer Responsibility Organisations).


The producer responsibility for textiles is mentioned in the EU textile strategy for 2022 as one of the tools to minimise the amount of textile waste generated in Europe. In practice, there are still many unknowns and nothing concrete has yet been adopted within this area. However, proposals to introduce the producer responsibility for textiles across the EU are already included in the revisions of current and future EU legislation.

At VANA, we keep an eye on the developments and are updated on the knowledge within the field – both internationally and in Denmark – so we are ready to help our members handle the producer responsibility on textiles as well. As a member of VANA, you are therefore guaranteed updates on relevant knowledge, legislation and obligations – also in relation to textiles.

Find more information about the producer responsibility on other products at the Danish Producer Responsibility here: Danish Producer Responsibility - Data Centre for Circular Economy.

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