Membership benefits

As a member of VANA, you become part of a strong community of companies that take responsibility for reducing their packaging waste and creating positive change for our world.

As a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) we manage the legal, financial, and practical responsibility on behalf of our members, so you can concentrate on your core business.
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VANA covers the entire country and includes all types of packaging waste.

At VANA we offer:

  • Get direct access to expert guidance.
  • Ensure that you live up to rules and requirements - in Denmark and internationally.
  • Get the best price on your waste management.
  • Become part of a strong community founded by the largest business organisations.
  • Create a positive change for the world.

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Your responsibility under the producer responsibility for packaging

  • Collection and waste treatment of packaging waste
    You must ensure that all the packaging you put on the market is collected, sorted and recycled or reutilize
  • Registration, reporting and payment
    You must ensure that you are registered at Danish Producer Responsibility and that you report and pay for the quantities you have put on the market.
  • Self-monitoring
    You must carry out self-monitoring which ensures the quality and documentation of the data you report.

How VANA helps you meet your responsibilities

VANA Member Services

At VANA, we guide our members based on current legislation and provide tools and guidelines that make it easier for you meet your obligations. New tools are continuously added as frameworks and legislation fall into place until the producer responsibility comes into force in 2025.

VANA can guide and supervise, but it is your job to collect the necessary data which must be reported. If you need help with e.g. mapping of packaging flows and packaging data and responsibilities, we therefore recommend contacting an external consultant or similar.

If there is doubt as to whether you as a company are covered by the producer responsibility, the Danish Producer Responsibility (DPA) who has the authority to decide as the registry authority for the area.

VANA knowledge

Open system solution

  • System solution with the possibility of transfer from your chosen data system
  • VANA's solution if you do not have a system solution.


Let us give new life to used packaging together

As a member of VANA, you can use VANA's member badge to show your customers and partners that you have taken a position regarding the producer responsibility for packaging and are ready to give new life to your used packaging from July 2025. 

Download your member badge here.

VANA is a not-for-profit organisation. This means that you as a member do not pay unnecessary costs, which makes it far more economical, efficient and unbureaucratic for the individual company to be a member of VANA than if everyone individually must manage their own packaging throughout the recycling process.

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