Producer responsibility for packaging 

As a manufacturer, you are responsible for all your packaging - even after it is empty and sorted by the consumer!

Worth knowing about the producer responsibility

The purpose of the producer responsibility is:

  • to reduce the amount of packaging
  • ensure efficient collection and handling of packaging waste
  • to motivate better and more environmentally sound packaging design - for prevention, reuse and recycling.

VANA manages as Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) the financial, practical and legal responsibility on behalf of your company.

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Use the 'VANA calculator' to get an estimate of the price for handling your packaging waste from 1 July 2025. The prices in the calculator have been qualified by COWI in October 2023 and therefore provides a completely up-to-date and realistic estimate of the prices you can expect in 2025.

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You can find answers to most questions in our FAQ.

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