Guide: How to get started

The guide is based on four levels, that begins with understanding the requirements and responsibilities, so you can establish the necessary processes. VANA provides guide and tools etc. which are available to our members

1. Understand the requirements and your responsibilities

>Start by clarifying whether you are covered by the producer responsibility. Check if you are covered here.  Familiarise yourself with the producer responsibility and what consequences it has for companies here:  About the producer responsibility 
 Go to Member Benefits to se how VANA can help you meet your obligations und the producer

2. Compliance: data collection, handling ang reporting

If you conclude that you are covered by the producer responsibility for your packaging, the next step is to find out which data to report. The reporting is divided into an advance report in 2024 and the ongoing reporting that starts when the producer responsibility comes into force on 1 July 2025.

> Get a grip on what needs to be registered and reported in 2024 here. 

> Familiarise yourself with data collection from 1 July 2025, where you must report and pay on a regular bais according to the rules on environmentally graduated contributions. The requirements for reporting and thus data collection are therefore more detailed than in 2024. Read more about data collection 2025.

3. Understand the principles and exploit it strategically (competetive advantage)

When you are in the process of data collection and start to know more about your packaging, you can use the principles and criteria in e.g. the environmental grading strategically for business purposes.

> Look at the design of your packaging to minimise the quantities and find out if, e.g., there may        be some more sustainable and economical alternatives. See below for an approach to the process.

 > Read more about packaging design here.

4. Incorporated part into business processes and strategy

In the long term, packaging design as an integrated part of your business processes and strategies can create cost-efficiency and contribute to the circular economy.

You can advantageously structure the process based on the following 5 steps:

Grafik: Sådan forbereder du dig

Collect data

One of the most important things in your preparation is to create an overview and get better knowledge of the packaging you put on the market. Although all the details related to producer responsibility, such as price, environmental modulation, level of detail and form, are not yet in place, it will be based on the technical data of the packaging, such as composition, types and materials.

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