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With a membership of VANA, you will be ready to handle your producer responsibility for packaging.

Membership of VANA gives you access to knowledge, tools and guidance on how to best prepare your company for the producer responsibility for packaging. As a member, you will also be informed directly about important deadlines in connection with the implementation of the producer responsibility.

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A VANA membership is free and non-binding until April 2024 where registration opens at DPA (Danish Producer Responsibility). In connection with the registration of your company with DPA in April, you must choose VANA as PRO (Producer Responsibility Organisation) if you wish to continue your membership and use VANA's services. Your company will be charged a start-up fee of DKK 4,000 (DKK 2,000 for companies below  the triviality limit of 8 tonnes) and a fee for DPA.

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VANA is a not-for-profit organisation. This means that you as a member do not pay unnecessary costs, which makes it far more economical, efficient and unbureaucratic for the individual company to be a member of VANA than if everyone individually must manage their own packaging throughout the recycling process.

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