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With a membership of VANA, you will be ready to handle your producer responsibility for packaging.

A membership of VANA gives you access to knowledge, tools and guidance as well as important deadlines in connection with the implementation of the producer responsibility for packaging. Check out our membership benefits here.

As a member of VANA, you can handle the registration and reporting for 2024 in our Member Portal. It will also be in the Member Portal that VANA's members report when the producer responsibility enters into force in July 2025.

Read more about registration and reporting in 2024 here.

Please note, that it requires validation with MitID Erhverv to register and live up to the obligations of the producer responsibility – both when you register in VANA and when your information must be confirmed with DPA. It is not necessarily the contact person who has the access to MitID, but someone who has access to MitID Erhverv must be available during the registration.

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When creating a membership in VANA, you will receive an invoice for the start-up contributions of DKK 4,000 (DKK 2,000 for companies below the de triviality limit) When your company registers in DPA via our portal, you will be charged a registration fee of DKK 1,000 from DPA.


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... then you still need to register in the Member Portal via the link below to become an official member of VANA. Both new and existing members must go through the same enrollment and registration process. This is because we want to make sure that we have the correct information of both the company and the chosen primary contact person when we report on your behalf in DPA.

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