Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for single-use plastic products

It is not only packaging that is covered by producer responsibility – certain single-use plastic products have to pay for the costs of collection, clean-up and waste treatment. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has sent a draft statutory order on extended producer responsibility for single-use plastic products for public consultation. See below which requirements appear from it.

Which products are covered?

  • Food containers
  • Wrapping bags and foils,
  • Beverage containers,
  • Cups for beverages
  • Lightweight plastic carrier bags,
  • Wet wipes,
  • Balloons
  • Filters for tobacco products,

Registration of company and reporting of quantities

Producers who per 31 December 2024 markets single-use plastic products, must be register with Dansk Producentansvar for each product category, no later than 17 December 2024.

Producers market single-use plastic products must report marketed quantities to Dansk Producentansvar for the first time, between 1 and 10 April 2025.

Thereafter, reports must be made every quarter, between 1 and 10 April, July, October and January for quantities marketed in the previous period.

If you are a member of VANA, you can do so in the Member Portal. More information to follow.

For tobacco filters, the obligation to pay has already entered into force, see here on how to lift the obligation: Tobacco product filters - Dansk Producentansvar.

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