Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO)

A Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) undertakes the legal, financial, and practical responsibility for the producer responsibility on behalf of the producers registered in the scheme. VANA is a Producer Responsibility Organisation, and VANA manages the future producer responsibility for packaging on behalf of our members.

VANA og kollektivordning

As a member of VANA, companies can benefit significantly from economies of scale – both for the environment and the companies' bottom line. VANA covers all packaging fractions, is nationwide and works not-for-profit.

As a PRO, VANA solves i.a. the following tasks for our members, from the time the producer responsibility comes into force in July 2025:

  • Ensure the collection and quality of data on packaging quantities and types.
  • Prepare tenders for sorting the recyclable household waste containing packaging.
  • Prepare tenders for the recycling (reprocessing) of the recyclable household waste containing packaging.
  • Supervise suppliers.
  • Ensure a cost-effective fee structure that rewards the most sustainable packaging (fee structure is set by the authorities).
  • Document the actual recycling of the covered packaging.
Billede af hvordan producentansvaret virker

This means that the more members we are and the larger the quantities of packaging we handle, the better prices VANA can negotiate, so it will be as cost-effective as possible when you as manufacturers take over responsibility for the packaging you put on the market throughout the entire life cycle, from July 2025.

Membership of VANA is free and non-binding until 2024.

Read more about registrationan and membership benefits here. 

View an extract of our members here.

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