Registration of company and expected packaging quantities

Companies covered by the producer responsibility for packaging must register with the authorities in the period 1 April to 31 August 2024 and report their expected packaging volumes for 2024. If you are a member of VANA, you can do it all in one place - in the Member Portal.

Important dates for companies

What needs to be reported in 2024?

In 2024, the company itself must be registered in the authority register and your expected packaging quantities for 2024 must be reported divided into the following fractions:

  • cardboard
  • paper
  • ferrous metals
  • aluminium
  • glass
  • plastic
  • food and drink cartons
  • wood.

Reporting must be made in kilograms for the quantities of: commercial packaging and  household packaging. In practical terms, this means that you must give your best guess as to whether the packaging you put on the market ends up in household waste or commercial waste – that is, whether it ends up with a private consumer (B2C) or with a company (B2B).

You must also state if you know whether the packaging is to be sorted as residual waste or hazardous waste - e.g. pizza boxes (residual waste) or hairspray (hazardous waste). 

Read more about sorting and collection requirements in Denmark here.

Example, registration 2024

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At VANA, we assist our members with registration and reporting. As authorised by you, we make sure to keep track of and make the administrative workflows as simple as possible on your behalf!

The membership is free and non-binding until 2024, when the registration obligation begins. If you are not a member already, register your company now - and we will keep you up to date on important information and deadlines in connection with the upcoming requirements and obligations.

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Reporting of composite packaging

In 2024, only the overall categories will have to be reported. In practice, this means that you must focus on the material that the packaging primarily consists of. E.g. a cardboard box with a thin plastic coating on the inside, must be categorised as cardboard. Since there are no exact guidelines for the reporting in 2024, you must report to the best of your knowledge which packaging and material type you use.

For companies with less than 8 tons of packaging annually

If you expect to make less than 8 tons of packaging available on the market,  you can choose to only register  the total expected amount of packaging available in 2024 and the distribution in kilograms of respectively. household packaging and commercial packaging - and thus not divided into the individual fractions.

Read more about the triviality limit here.

Reusable packaging must not be registered until 2025

You do not have to report information on reusable packaging until after the producer responsibility comes into force on 1 July 2025.

Reusable packaging can, e.g. be packaging that is retracted and recycled 1:1 as new packaging, possibly via a deposit or return scheme.

Registration and reporting requires MitID Business

Registration and reporting to the authorities takes place through VANA's Member Portal and requires approval with MitID Business for Danish companies. You must therefore have control of your MitID access before registration opens in April.

Foreign companies and players must register and report directly with the authorities (DPA) with username and password.

Read more about MitID Business here

Criteria for reporting in 2025

The criteria for reporting in 2025 are still not clear, as the level of detail depends on the environmentally graduated contributions and the accompanying technical criteria for each material fraction. However, a greater level of detail is expected in relation to the knowledge and data to be obtained on the available packaging volumes than what we see in 2024.

Read more about the expected criteria for the environmentally graduated contributions here

Get a price estimate for the treatment of your packaging waste in 2025 here.

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